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Adventures Siren!

Our Story

Great food, friendly service, and a welcoming Northwoods atmosphere…that is what Adventures Restaurants and Catering has been built around! In 1999 Gary and Juli Kannenberg opened the first Adventures Restaurant and two more opened over the years. We take pride in serving our guests in the restaurant and also being a part of our local community. Please join us and remember... 


Great Food

Our menu offers a wide variety of dining options for you to choose from! We offer many traditional lunch and dinner items, as well as more unique choices filled with flavor and local flare! We enjoy the opportunity to use many locally sourced products in a variety of our menu items and take pride in creating delicious flavor combinations with fresh and exciting ingredients.

Cold Beer

Enjoy our wide variety of daily food and drink specials! Stop by the bar to see our State-Of-The-Art Bottoms Up Tap System. Click the button below to see all of our specials. 


Thank You for your interest in working with us at Adventures. We are one of the busiest Restaurants in the Siren area and have a great work atmosphere, friendly staff, and great income potential.

Adventures opened for business in 1999 and it has always been our goal to give our customers an amazing experience. We continue to strive for that goal every day and we are always looking for energetic, motivated, and great people to join our team.


If you are planning an important event that needs catering, Adventures in Siren is the perfect caterer for the job! One of the most important and memorable aspects of any event is the food. Make sure you hire a great caterer to serve up a delicious meal to your guests. Click the button below for more info.


Rebecca F.

Wonderful Service and great Food always a great place to take family out to eat at !

Ellen P.

Wow! First of all, a salad that is NOT just iceberg lettuce poured out of a bag and smothered in cheese. Then, and this is hard to imagine, but I ordered the BLT and I don't know how they prepared the bread but when you bite into it, you get this amazing crispy buttery sensation and then it feels like the bread melts in your mouth, leaving only the BLT flavor. It's incredible! Great atmosphere, good prices, friendly staff....I will definitely come here again! 

Allie S.

Great service!! I have been a VERY frequent guest for 11 years, and have had almost everything on the menu. Nothing disappointing! I highly recommend the Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce! Yummy! They also do AMAZING catering!

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